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Learn about eye exams, what’s involved in a comprehensive exam, and special considerations for kids and contacts.

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Our eye doctors specialize in multifocal and bifocal contact lens fittings for deteriorating vision due to age and conditions such as presbyopia.

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Unlike traditional bifocals or trifocals for conditions such as presbyopia, there are no visible lines separating the fields of a progressive lens.

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Our staff will help you find the best fit for your specific needs and explain how different lenses and frames will impact your vision.

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Meet Our Eye Doctors In East Boca Raton

Dr. Stuart Glass, eye doctor in Boca Raton

Dr. Stuart Glass & Dr. Marcia Glass

Drs. Stuart and Marcia Glass have been practicing in South Florida since 1984. Since then, the field of optometry has evolved significantly, and Drs. Stuart and Marcia Glass have evolved along with it. We have been in Boca Raton since 1994, and at our current location since 2002. Our optician, Robert Reeves has over 35 years of optical experience, and has helped many people, with varying optical needs, find exactly the right vision solution for them.

Glass Vision Associates sign with name of eye care staff, optometrists, Dr. Stuart Glass & Dr. Marcia Glass, and optician, Robert G. Reeves and contact phone number 561-391-2362

Dr. Marcia Glass, Optometrist in Boca Raton, FL

Courteous & Punctual Optometrist Near You

Glass Vision Associates, located in Boca’s Camino Gardens, serves patients from South Palm Beach County and North Broward County, including Deerfield Beach and Delray Beach. We respect your time! Your appointment time is for you! We try to minimize your waiting time before seeing our optometrists, and will always take the time to understand your eye care needs so that we may find the best solutions for your eye health, vision and lifestyle.

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Q&A with Our Boca Raton Eye Doctor

blue multifocal lenses on handsome man with blue eyesDr. Glass Answers Your Eye Care Questions

Is it bad to wear an old prescription?

It all depends. Sometimes an incorrect prescription can cause eyestrain and some blurriness. There are times when we will reccomend using a weaker prescription to make reading easier or to allow for midrange computer viewing. It is always suggested to have a backup pair of glasses. We would always rather a patient have a weaker pair than no pair at all. Everyone always needs a backup pair. Read More Q&A’s on our FAQ’s Page.


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